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SMSF Audits

The SIS Act requires that every Self Managed Super Fund be audited by an independent auditor (therefore not your accountant who prepares the financial statements).

We provide full auditing services for all  SMSF’s throughout Australia.

If you need to talk to the auditor you can call on the mobile number 0418 936 395 at any time during business hours to discuss any concerns as we believe in providing advice before the event not after the event. 

Your auditor will advise you of any non-compliance issues so that you do not breach the SIS Act and then face severe penalities are trustees of your self managed fund. These penalities can be as high as $10,000 per breach and are not deductible to the fund but payable by the trustee and members.

Common areas of non-compliance are:

  • Assets not in the name of the super fund e.g bank accounts in your name and the fund.
  • Loans to members of the fund.
  • Non complying loan agreements from members to the fund.
  • Money taken from the fund before being eligible for release.
  • Investment strategies that are to generic to be useful and therefore non complying.
  • Late return lodgments
  • Want an Upgrade?

The process is simple.


Step 1.

Download our letter of Engagement and Representation letters and checklist.


Step 2.

Fill these out and email back to


SMSF Investment Strategy

Does you fund have a recent investment strategy that is reflective of your current investments. If not you are in breach of the SIS Act and could find that your fund will be paying 45% tax on its earnings rather than 15% tax on its earnings.

We can assist you to develope an investment strategy that will meet the requirements of the SIC Act and we guarantee to get this to you within 7 days of your application by the use of our specialist software that covers off on all the requirements of the SIS Act.

If you need a investment strategy quick smart for your fund and don't know were to start call us now on 0418936395 and we will assist you to develope that strategy in 48 hours provided you supply us with your investment intentions in a clear and concise manner.

Our fee for the investment strategy for funds under $2million in assets is start at around $350 per strategy.

Call us now to get this done within 7 days of your application.